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Body Waxing

Uncover Your Outer Shine

The days of shaving are behind us. From beautifully styled brows, to underarms and Brazilians, I am so happy to join you in this experience. Whether you are a waxing newbie, or can't imagine the last time you didn't wax, I will do everything to ensure a pleasant and pain free experience. Soon you will be wondering why you didn't try this sooner.

Price List

Our prices are subject to change. We will confirm the price with you before starting any service. For more detailed pricing information, please contact us.



Woman's Brazilian
















Full Face


Woman's Bikini Full


Woman's Bikini Line


Stomach Strip


Full Stomach


Full Chest


Upper Leg


Lower Leg


Full Legs


Inner Thigh


Half Arm


Full Arm


Lower Back


Full Back


Proudly using Starpil and Cirepil Products.

Your Wax Questions, Answered.

Why should I wax?

Since waxing pulls hair at the root, waxing lasts considerably longer than shaving, as well as provides much smoother skin to the touch. Waxing also causes the hair to grow back finer, softer, and more sparse.

How should I prepare for my first wax?

Exfoliate! Daily exfoliation prior to service will allow the hair follicles to grow freely, and clean off excess skin buildup, ensuring a considerably less painful service. We also do ask that you refrain from shaving for a week and a half before service. The hair should be about half an inch long. Avoid tanning 24 hours before service, and 48 hours after.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use hard wax. Hard wax tends to be less irritating to the skin, and considerably less painful.

What is the difference between a brazilian, a bikini full, and a bikini line?

During a brazilian, hair is removed from the entire front and the entire back. A bikini full will take the hair just off the front (no butt strip). Where as a bikini line will only take the hair off the sides (panty line) and the top. We are happy to leave or take away as much hair as you want.

Will it hurt?

Waxing will give some level of pain and/or discomfort. This varies per person depending on pain tolerance, and frequency of getting waxed. Many clients find waxing services relaxing enough to fall asleep.

Are there any contraindications for waxing?

Yes! In conjunction with waxing we ask that you do not have any chemical peels, facials, and stop use of Retin-A 7 days prior to service. We also ask that you discontinue Accutane a minimum of six months before service. Use of the above can thin and sensitize the skin, which can cause it to lift during waxing.

Got other questions? Contact me below!

"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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