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Eyelash Implants

Eyelash Extensions

Wake Up Flawless

Looking for something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and in minutes it’ll come to life. My job is to make you look brilliant for those everyday moments that turn into forever memories.

Price List

Our prices are subject to change. We will confirm the price with you before starting any service. For more detailed pricing information, please contact us.

Classic Full Set

Single lashes. Can take up to One hour.

Classic Fill

Must have at least half the lashes still present.

Hybrid Full Set

Most popular option. Mix of classic and volume lashes specifically tailored to you.

Hybrid Fill

Must have at least half the lashes remaining.

Volume Full Set

Recommended for clients with few natural lashes. Multiple lashes glued on to each existing lash. Can take up to two hours.

Volume Fill

Must have at least half the lashes remaining.

*** We do NOT offer Russian Volume lashes at this time.

Your Eyelash Extension Questions, Answered.

How do eyelash extensions work?

We will attach a lash extension to each natural eyelash, and these will permanently stay until the natural lash falls out. In general people lose 3-5 natural lashes per day, which is the reason regular fills are necessary.

What should I do to prepare for my lash appointment?

We ask that before service that lashes are mascara-free, and newly cleaned. This will ensure a much faster service. Avoid caffeine, since fluttery lashes are much more difficult to work on. If you wear contacts, please remove them before service.

How do I take care of my lashes?

For the first 24 hours, do not get your lashes wet, rub your eyes, tan, wax, workout, go in a steam room or sauna, get a chemical peel, or use oil based products on or around the eyes. This will allow the adhesive to fully dry, and ensure longer lasting lashes. We also recommend washing and brushing lashes daily.

Can I pick the style of my lashes?

Absolutely! This will be discussed at time of service, to determine what will work best for you.

What is the application process like?

Clients find eyelash extensions to be a very comfortable, relaxing process. The majority of clients fall asleep for the duration of service. Your eyes will remain closed for the entirety of treatment. At the beginning of service we will apply gel pads under your eyes, as well as tape. This is to ensure the bottom lashes, and the rest of the eye are protected. After lash application, your lashes will be sprayed to reinforce the bond of the glue. Lashes will then be fanned for 30 seconds to further ensure the adhesive is dry. After that enjoy your beautiful lashes!

Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?

Simply put, yes, but it is not recommended. Eyelash extensions are generally used in place of mascara, and it can cause them to fall out faster, due to the pressure. However if you do choose to use mascara, we ask that it is not waterproof, and/or is approved for lash extensions.

Got other questions? Contact us below!

Scatered Makeup

"Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet."


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