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Mandelic Toner

Mandelic Toner

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A calming, alcohol-free and fragrance-free solution that incorporates Mandelic Acid, allantoin, chamomile and aloe to replenish the skin’s moisture while protecting against daily environmental factors that cause dryness and dehydration in the skin. Natural botanical extracts help balance pH at a low 1.5 pH and allows for the penetration of Dermodality serums.

  • Benefits

    • Balances pH
    • Alcohol-free, fragrance-free
    • Minimizes dryness and dehydration
    • Mandelic acid – anti-inflammatory, decongesting
    • Allantoin – anti-inflammatory, calming
    • Aloe – anti-inflammatory, hydrating
    • Ideal after cleansing, shaving, waxing and exfoliating
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